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    M​üve towards

  • Reducing or eliminating pain

  • Improving joint mobility

  • Improving lymphatic drainage

  • Reducing muscular tension

Treatments provided by a Registered Massage Therapist at Müve Studio can offer significant benefits for a variety of conditions and for diverse patient populations.

Whether you need to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from acute or chronic pain, massage therapy can enhance your overall well-being. It can help alleviate musculoskeletal disorders associated with everyday stress, muscular overuse, physical manifestation of mental distress and many persistent pain syndromes.

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

If you have any questions about our services or wish to book an appointment please feel free to contact us. 


161 Victoria St S. 

Kitchener, ON N2G 2B7


Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9 am - 8 pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 9 am -5 pm

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