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Candace Young RMT

  My passion is to help clients suffering from acute and chronic injuries through Massage Therapy. I tailor each treatment based on the client’s assessment to ensure the best possible treatment. I am experienced in all areas of Massage Therapy. I offer Swedish Relaxation Massage, Remedial Exercise, and Trigger Point Therapy. Communication is very important to me, so I can ensure my clients are well taken care of and comfortable during treatments


  "I've got your back!"

Victoria Swanson RMT

By studying the science of Massage Therapy and how it affects the body, I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their treatment goals, thus improving their quality of life.

 In my treatments I create a customised, outcome-driven  plan for each client, addressing their individual health needs. I listen carefully to what my clients goals are, and together we form the ideal treatment plan.

I truly enjoy being an RMT and feel fortunate to be an active part in client health and wellness​

“Health is Wealth”

Carolyn Muir RMT

Carolyn Muir has over 20 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Ontario, having worked at several multi-disciplinary clinics in Kingston, Ottawa and Kitchener. She graduated with honours in 2000 from Canadian Therapeutic College in Burlington, Ontario with a Massage Therapy Diploma, under the educational requirements of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. In terms of her practice, Carolyn believes that the specific needs of each individual client should be treated in the way that best supports their overall wellbeing and functioning. She strongly believes in the integration of various health disciplines and welcomes the opportunity to tailor specific treatment programs to the needs of the individual client together with other health care professionals. Carolyn has a unique talent that allows her to give a treatment with significant pressure but includes a deep relaxation effect on the body. Carolyn prefers to work with people of all ages providing assessment and treatment focusing on postural dysfunctions (hereditary or lifestyle) reducing pain, improving range of motion and quality of life. Carolyn is part of the triOS College faculty and passionately supports her secondary profession in therapeutic recreation. Carolyn grew up in the Niagara Region on a family run farm. She enjoys sharing time with her amazing family and friends, playing volleyball, paddle boarding, pottery, photography, scrapbooking and enjoying the outdoors.

Fei Wang RMT

Fei started his Massage Therapy career in China where he gained rich experience. He is a highly skilled Massage Therapist with a passion for promoting wellness and enhancing the lives of his clients. With a solid foundation in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Chinese Tuina Massage, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice. With a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology, Fei employs a diverse range of techniques to effectively relieve pain, alleviate stress, and foster holistic well-being.


Be happy, stay healthy.


Wan Benlate
Thai Massage Practitioner

Wan is from Thailand. She received her authentic traditional Thai massage training in Thailand in 2006. She had worked as a Thai Massage practitioner in Pattani, a city in southern Thailand for twelve years before coming to Canada. Wan's education continued in Canada where she trained at the Thai Massage Toronto School. Here she became certified in Thai and Aromatherapy massage. She is also a member of the Traditional Thai Massage Association Of Ontario.

By using her unique techniques through Thai Aroma Oil  Massage, Foot Reflexology, and Thai Massage, Wan has a very good understanding of how to apply stress relief, pain relief and/or a Relaxing Massage.

"Self care is not selfish"

Chao Yan B.SC, RMT

Chao has studied Chinese Traditional Medicine knowledge and clinical practice in China by following Master Cai Changfu, who is one of the best Folk masters of TCM in China. Along with receiving his BSc from the University of Waterloo with honours, he studied in North American Chinese Traditional Medicine College (NACTMC), with a major in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Joint faculty of NACTMC as an associate professor. Also received massage therapy diploma from Westervelt College Kitchener.

Mr. Yan's treats clients of all ages. His are of interest is in pain management.

" Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." 


Mary Kolosowski RMT, CMRP

Mary's holistic healing approach brings over a decade of massage clinical experience as well as
Matrix Repatterning therapy. She continue's to add to my therapeutic skill base by including the
Dolphin technique and infrared light therapy for diminishing scar tissue. She specializes in the
treatment of injuries to the skeletal structure and soft tissues and have had great success in the
treatment of concussions by substantially decreasing recovery time. She can also accommodate pregnancy with a special belly pillow for treatment up to the end of the third trimester.
Mary's experience demonstrates professional flexibility and genuine concern for the health and
well-being of all clients, regardless of their age, ability or health status.

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